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All In One Starter Kit

All In One Starter Kit

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The Perfect Starter Kit With All You Need To Start Your End Tackle Of For First Session On The Bank.

1Pcs x Hair Rig Extender Stops
1Pcs x 2M Rig Tubes
1Pcs x Bait stops
1Pcs x Lead
1Pcs x Hook Knot Puller
2Pcs x Space Beans
10Pcs x Anti Tangle Sleeves
10Pcs x Heavy Duty Clips
10Pcs x Quick change swivels
20Pcs x Barrel Swivels
20Pcs x Carp Hook (#4)
20Pcs x Carp Hook (#6)
10Pcs x Tail Rubber
20Pcs x Heavy Duty Clips
10Pcs x Safety Clips
20Pcs x Boilie Bait Screw
20Pcs x Heat Shrink Tubing 
20Pcs x Bait screw
20Pcs x Artificial Corn Bait
20Pcs x buffer Beads
40Pcs x Boilie Stopper


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